12 step online dating

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12 step online dating

” Other guys simply weren’t interested in dating a sober person.

And if that thing happens to be online dating, there’s nothing embarrassing about that at all.It’s best to check ahead by calling a local hotline number, which will help determine the best meeting for you or your loved ones.The hotline numbers will confidentially take your name and number and call you back with meeting information or provide a recorded announcement.Enter the over-mocked, under-appreciated world of online dating. It was a relief, because most men I would be interested in dating appreciate a woman who can form a coherent sentence.Most of the websites have a specific part of the profile designated for stating the frequency of your alcohol use—and any preference about the frequency of your potential partner’s alcohol use, too. Not having to verbally inform every potential date that I don’t drink meant I didn’t have to disappoint some fella who couldn’t fathom dating a sober woman because “he liked to have fun.” (We sober women being the dull dishrags that we are).

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And I don’t have to waste my time figuring out that a guy can’t enjoy himself without polishing off a six-pack.

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