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Accomodating student

If and when you officiate a sports contest involving student-athletes with intellectual or physical disabilities, you may wonder: “Do I have to call the game differently from a “regular” high school game and make special accommodations for athletes with disabilities?Can I do so without compromising the integrity of the contest?

Students written up for being loud/yelling when frustrated etc.when student may not realize it. I'm homeschooling her with virtual school back up and we are going nowhere fast.

Nearly all schools require documentation of disability and recommendations in order to provide accommodations.

To help you understand what accommodations might be appropriate for you or your student, we have prepared a partial list of commonly recommended accommodations on the next page.

Concerns about passing the school year, graduating high school, or graduating from college with a degree are often expressed. Accommodations are special services or arrangements designed to help survivors overcome and offset injury related limitations.

Frequent complaints from students with brain injury include: Most of the time, school systems are very willing to provide accommodations to students with brain injury. Students and parents often don’t know that many kinds of accommodations are available to help students succeed.

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The Unified Sports teams were from the same schools as the varsity teams playing in those championship games.

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