Dating en language language nl nl site venlo

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Dating en language language nl nl site venlo

Founded on 7 February 1903, it is one of the first professional football clubs in the Netherlands.In the season 2008–2009, VVV-Venlo won the Eerste Divisie (Eerste Divisie) and was promoted to the highest Dutch professional football league: the Eredivisie.In addition, Venlo is a higher-education hub within the southern Netherlands, with several institutes of higher education.Venlo hosts three different institutions for higher education: Venlo is connected to Germany by two motorways (i.e., Bundesautobahn 40 and Bundesautobahn 61), which connect to Düsseldorf, Cologne and the Ruhr area within one hour. It provides regular connections to the Dutch cities of Eindhoven, Roermond and Nijmegen.It is the second largest concentration of horticulture in the Netherlands.Seen in conjunction with the neighbouring German region of Niederrhein (Lower Rhine), Greenport Venlo is even the largest in Europe.Venlo was the host of Floriade 2012, the world's largest horticultural exhibition.In 2013, Venlo has won the prestigious 'Best City Centre of the Netherlands' award.

On 9 November 1939, two British Intelligence Service agents were kidnapped by the Sicherheitsdienst in what became known as the Venlo Incident.

The aim is to provide an impulse for the economy of the region of North Limburg.

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Roman and Celtic coins have been found in Venlo; it was speculated to have been the settlement known as Sablones on the Roman road connecting Maastricht with Xanten, but the little evidence there is concerning the location of Sablones speaks against this thought while there is no evidence in support of it. Documents from the 9th century mention Venlo as a trade post;it developed into one of the more important ones in the Meuse-Rhine area,receiving city rights in 1343,and becoming a member of the Hanseatic League in 1375.

Because of its strategic importance, the city of Venlo was besieged several times.

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These failed, and it was the retreating German troops who in the end blew up the bridges in an attempt to stop the allied advance.

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