Hiei dating

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Hiei dating

Kurama and Kuwabara are an item, but Yusuke just recently broke up with Keiko and is free for the taking.

”“Well, when you put it that way…” says Hiei, with a grumble, and Yusuke has to laugh.

It turned out that the Forlorn Hope was there behind Hiei and the Spirit Gun attack reflected on it and hit an unsuspecting Hiei.

Yusuke wins the battle, gives the antidote to Keiko, and recovers the three artifacts and his mission is finally complete.

Now more furious than ever, Hiei transforms himself into his demonic form, as red demonic eyes began to pop out of his body and his complexion turns green.

This shocks Yusuke, and then Hiei gets the upper hand when he traps him in some kind of spiritual bindings.

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Then Hiei demands the relics in exchange for her, which Yusuke obliges to offer.

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