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Interracial dating does it turn you on

The last time I checked it is a widely held belief that men in general tend to like sex, want sex, think about sex once every 7 seconds (I just did), and--and this will surprise exactly no one--don't want to marry every girl they have sex with.I am not exactly sure why it is completely sinister for a white man to want sex while it is just regular lousy or typical for a black man to want it. Believe it or not it's about the best way I can think of to sabotage a relationship.segregationist) aunt to completely embrace bw/wm relationships in general.Plus, if your grandmother is telling you this..much is she really and truly living in 2010 when she says this?There's a saying I've heard before that goes "White guy gets the check, black guy gets the sex," men may falsely interpret your sexual wariness as wanting a relationship with a white man but being more sexually/physically attracted to black guys.However false, it IS completely accurate to call it prejudice to suspect the worst of a guy's romantic intentions simply because of his skin tone.

He campaigned for both group's votes, got both group's votes, and is the first racial minority ever democratically elected President ANYwhere, not just the U. I'd say that kid that "would never be accepted by blacks or whites" did pretty okay being both.

Well no...they're just "seeing what's out there." Which is what everyone does. The outlandish accusations of self hatred should be put to bed and the legitimate question of "Why not more attracted to something more exotic? This feels like something you might tell a pre-schooler but when someone is black, they're black. Marrying a black guy doesn't make you any more black than if you married a white guy.

From black men to Jewish men to Asian women (the 3 groups who actually have the highest interracial dating rate in the US) people are attracted to the exotic. They were born black, they will die black, it's a gene, it's a skin tone, not a commodity that can be measured and weighed and if you listen to country music you lose blackness and you have to quickly put in the T. It's not a one size fits all mold where being black automatically and oppressively means you have to marry black people that seems more suffocating than a true racial identity.

I can't tell that some clean cut, Mormon, Matt Damon Jr.

lookalike is more of a monogamous guy than a guy named Antonio Bad Balla Williams bragging from the rooftops about his “swagga,” you're not being entirely honest with yourself. "A white guy won't marry you"--Judging by the statistic that 40 percent of black women in the US never get married, black guys won't either.

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