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The humorous yet dysfunctional family is something we all can relate to. I loved the characters Craig gathered to entertain us with and how she brought back the characters from Divorced, Desperate and Delicious into the new story so we can catch up on how they are doing. Insecurities she knew his single mother had carved into his heart when she'd never come back for her eight-year-old son after she'd been released from drug rehab. But Fate had stirred the pot when his little swimmers escaped his condom, and met up with her eggs for a little dosie do. "Open it." "Not until you tell me what's wrong." Sue saw the insecurities in his gaze. He pulled away the wrapping, opened the box, and emptied out the seven sticks in his hand. "You never had a husband, and you're doing a bang up job." "Am I? While there are a few minor characters who help provide movement to DIVORCED, DESPERATE AND DATING, it is Sue and Jason who set the story's pace. Have you ever been scared shitless and excited at the same time? "This morning when I peed on all seven of those sticks." "You peed on my gift? Then completely naked, she started walking backwards. "I guess I am." Epilogue of Divorced, Desperate and Dating—Christie Craig Romance Reviews Today Christie Craig has penned a humorous tale that is one part suspense and all parts fun.

But she figured if Jason really didn't want children, she'd be okay with it. The blonde spitfire was everything he'd ever wanted—and she needed him. Silence fell as Christmas lights flickered on the tree. " "I'm not the one who has a peeking problem." "I didn't peek," he said. Afraid he'd say the wrong thing, afraid he'd break her heart. "Faulty tape, I'm sure." He leaned over her shoulder and studied her. And though this novel situation had a quirky cast of characters and an unquestionable bad guy, he was going to make sure it had a happy ending. Dating was like diving into a box of chocolates: sometimes the sweetest-looking specimens were candy coated poison. "Oh, you said no to me quite a few times in the beginning if my memory serves me right." He sat down behind her on the floor. After a breakup with a bank robber and a divorce from a cross dresser, she gave it up for good. BAD BOY Raised in foster homes, Jason swore never to need anyone as much as the parent who abandoned him. The heater kicked on, chasing away the December chill, and sending the smell of pine throughout the room.

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"It's for you." She'd never known a grown man could love Christmas so much. "You'll love this one." He kissed the side of her neck.

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