Speed dating clapham

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Speed dating clapham

The bar smelled of incense, and was laid out neatly.

Each table had a number, though they didn’t correspond with anything other than to act as a prompt as to which direction the boys needed to move in. He introduced the night, and explained that (for the first time yet!

We are proud to say that our speed dating events really work!

Our Chilli, Lime and Thyme deserves its spot in the Adventurous-Refreshing crossover, a citrusy, savoury undertone rubbing up against the elderflower sweetness and the kick of tequila.

The rest of the cocktails on offer are twists on standards — the old fashioned-ish Amaro No.

So, despite less than impressive evenings with Slow Dating in Clapham, and Last Night a Speed Date Changed My Life, in Shoreditch, this week Miss 32 and I have been speed dating yet again. It was only actually after we got to the bar that we realised what the supposedly ‘elite’ element of the evening was.

But, it was an excuse for an evening out, and Date in a Dash promised an ‘elite’ evening at SOUK in Clapham.

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Everyone in attendance had to earn over £35k a year.

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