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One film stood out for its ethnographic take on modern Africa.It doesn’t deal with extreme poverty, but extreme wealth.While Nasser didn’t dare go as far in Egypt, Habib Bourguiba, the first president of Tunisia, personally removed veils from women’s heads in the streets. Female emancipation was a great symbol of modernity.But the documentary argues that progress now needs to be kick-started again.

Bayat plays Nahid as petulant, brave, funny and irrational, and as far from any stereotype as possible.

The power of the South African film “The Endless River”, selected for the Golden Lion at Cannes and the winner of the Silver Tanit prize in Carthage, lies in the quiet performance of Crystal-Donna Roberts in her first main role ().

She plays Tina, who also finds herself at the whim of two men.

A clip of a less-than-charming imam sharing pearls of wisdom on a Middle Eastern channel provoked uproarious laughter from the Tunisian spectators.

“Allah honoured wives by instating the punishment of beatings.

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The rain stopped, and the shoulders of event organizer Khouloud Mahdhaoui seemed to drop a couple of inches as relief took hold.