Updating your tenant lease

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Updating your tenant lease

It is not necessary that the tenant “sign off on” these changes or otherwise agree to these changes.

You have the right to unilaterally make the changes upon 30 days notice, and the tenant’s remedy if he doesn’t like the rent increase, new lease form, or anything else is obviously to give you 10 days notice that he is terminating his lease.

In this case, it is not necessary to create an entirely new lease.

The old lease will usually be sufficient and it contains important provisions about the landlord-tenant relationship and expectations of the parties. The new addendum should state that "To the extent that there are any conflicts between the provisions of the Agreement and the provisions of this Addendum, the provisions of this Addendum shall supersede the conflicting provisions of the Agreement." The line is necessary to clarify which document is controlling if there is a conflict.

Your tenant may not even realize they are violating the conditions of your lease when they let a friend crash on the couch in between jobs or apartments.

Or maybe a family member is visiting from out of town or going through a life change and needs the support of your tenant.

After a few years of tenancy, a landlord may wish to raise the rent or impose new terms.

Another common example is a homeowner who wishes to refinance in order to utilize the equity in his or her home.

So the tenant is given ample time to terminate the lease before the new rental rate becomes effective.

Any person who stays at your property that is not listed on the lease agreement is considered a guest of your tenant.

A temporary guest transitions into a long-term guest when they take up residence on your property without permission from a manager or owner.

Alternatively, it may be necessary to create an entirely new agreement.

The important key to remember here is to again, reference the original document, and then use language that makes it clear that the new agreement supersedes all past agreements verbal and written. However, the failure to take these minimum precautions often leaves wronged parties without a remedy.

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To protect yourself and your property, every adult living at your rental unit should sign a lease agreement to hold them legally responsible for rent payments and conditions of the lease.

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