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Who is damon albarn dating

As he does these things he talks, in somnolent mockney, about the downside of being a pop star, which he says he no longer is, though he still sounds like one. He's quite a big bloke - about 5ft 11in, 13 stone - and his jaw is a bit heavier than it used to be. Celebrity and money basically just turns you into a really boring person.'Albarn says that 'the Oasis thing' - the battle of the bands that polarised the nation in the summer of 1995, when Blur's 'Country House' (Southern art-school pop) beat Oasis's 'Roll With It' (Northern working-class rock) to No 1 in the charts, and Liam Gallagher said he hoped Blur got Aids - 'really kicked shit out of me. When he talks about the 'Country House' video, for example - a self-conscious romp featuring birds in Benny Hill outfits and pigs with cocaine-coated snouts, made by Albarn's mate Damien Hirst - he starts judiciously enough. An artist who we hung out with at college, same age, come from the same place, in a way, we're at the top of our powers. 'When I was invited to No 10,' Albarn recalls, 'I put a statement out, which got on the front page of The Telegraph, saying that I'd become a Communist. I'm quite a good judge of character, and I'll tell you what, he's a slippery bastard! " Tony Blair is just as much caught up in celebrity as anyone else.'Despite his efforts to disown any such thing, Albarn's image is essentially that of a middle-class bohemian geezer, but he affects to find the designation puzzling. I don't subscribe to the class system in this country. I thought Labour were anti the class system, but they seem to be totally pro it. It's in a different f-ing guise, but it's the same fing! Albarn was born at Leytonstone, in the East End, which is a promising start for a geezer, but his parents were dope-smoking hippies. 'With the albums Parklife (1994) and The Great Escape (1995), Albarn went through a highly satirical phase, which was reminiscent of the Sixties not only melodically - the Kinks, the Who, the Small Faces, the Beatles - but also in its targets (suburban conformity, repression, hypocrisy), and in the way it celebrated them even as it mocked them. 'But at least everyone else went to a really shit school with me. And it always bugged the f- out of me that I was accused of being a public-school boy.

' As he consumes a bottle of mineral water, into which he tips powdered vitamins, he gradually warms up, though: 'I like talking,' he says. 'We're in his recording studio, in a converted bus station off Ladbroke Grove, west London. When he and his band ruled the charts in the mid-Nineties, market research revealed that what most people first associated with Blur was Damon Albarn's pale blue eyes, and even here, in poor light and with a hangover, they are remarkably clear and piercing. They both had kids, and they went on tour straight away, and now they're not with the mothers of their kids. After a week on tour, all that adoration, I'm like, "Yes, you're adoring me, but I'm also ignoring the development of my child! ' Well, hanging out with Phil Daniels (the geezer actor who spoke the narrative on 'Parklife', Blur's anthem to geezerdom), and Ray Winstone (another geezer actor), and Damien the geezer artist...

He’s previously worked with CND and the Stop The War coalition, organising campaigns to raise awareness of the potential dangers of the UK’s involvement in a war. Before Blur, he attempted to make ends meet by attempting a career as a mime and also working as a tea boy at the Beat Factory studio. Damon did backing vocals for Massive Attack’s ‘100th Window’ album under his Gorillaz pseudonym 2D, the spiky-haired front man of the group. In the spy film, a secret agent with the ability to change her hair instantly gets used by the British government as a decoy in an effort to thwart a diamond heist. The album ‘The Fall’ was composed predominantly on an Apple i Pad.

Kindred spirits, the three began rendezvousing after school to jam and play records — De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, far-out jazz like Alice Coltrane’s Journey in Satchidananda.

“We didn’t know what it meant to be in a band.” Indeed, rather than immerse themselves in the fecund Gothenburg indie scene that launched such acts as the Soundtrack of Our Lives, Jens Lekman, and Love Is All, they opted to play gigs with poets.

(“Our circle of friends was writers,” explains Nagano.) Once Little Dragon figured things out, though, they soared.

“It’s amazing to know that a lot of creative people believe in what we do.” That wasn’t always the case.

The band formed 15 years ago in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Influential London record store Rough Trade tapped “Twice” as a single of the week.