Why am i upset that my ex is dating Vedeo chat sex buddy free

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Why am i upset that my ex is dating

She might not understand its a guy thing or guys are like that, just like in your case, you don't understand why girls get upset over things as innocence as 'like' a model pic in fb. That would be a personal statement..you...straight to another real woman.Its kinda show that you respected her feelings by deactivating your fb. But you need to think, which reason brought it in the 1st place. When you said "like" I thought you meant random pictures out in the real world....billboards, magazine photos, etc. It's equivalent would be if you were to walk up to every sexy woman, face to face and say "I like the way you look". It doesn't bother me really but Im not willing to fight about it so I did stop..She says all of her friends see it and it makes her look stupid. You're a 30 year old man, grow up and stop "liking" random womens pictures on Facebook. And again, it's pretty sad that a man your age still acts like this. He "Likes" random ***** pictures, even though he is married.

I agree with molly though I think it is immaturity. You are being incredibly disrespectful to her feelings.

Go on to that page, see how disrespectfully the men talk about women like, they're objects that pass or fail. Of course it's rude and unpleasant for your girlfriend. You'd never think you were the older one in the relationship. It's literally a respect thing and at he age if 30 I wouldn't expect a man to like pages like that, maybe a 18 year old. I'm a 30 year old with a busband and kids yet I feel this way too!

I think the real question here is that you're 30 freaking years old and dating a 20 year old. In my eyes if you love and respect you lady well enough you wouldn't have a need to look else where or like other girls pictures.

A woman will feel upset if you like someone who doesn't look anything like her!

To say your lady is perfect the way she is yet you like a model who let's face it will be 100 times better looking I know that!

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Random everyday women, who you will never meet, etc...different.

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