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Young adult rodeo chat

It's a good idea to ride in breeches once you're an adult.When you try to get on in jeans--you understand why people wear breeches.After I ride I get a red bruise-like marks a couple of inches below my knee in my inner leg. Katie Phalen: Bubba, it probably is a saddle problem.One person says that means I have my legs in the proper position. The students that I've had with that have had a saddle fit problem.

If you have a long leg, you can't get enough weight down in your heels when you learn on a long-stirrup saddle. Katie Phalen: Breeches or chaps would make a great difference.If you're riding in a dressage saddle, it may be that there isn't enough knee roll for you.Check to make sure you're riding with your weight clear down in your heels--if you still get marks, then you know it's a saddle problem.A longe lesson has the instructor in control of the horse--by a lead--and the rider circling.The rider doesn't have to worry about fear and can focus on their seat. In front of a mirror, get in riding position and practice feeling balanced in all the moves you would make on a horse.

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When they take a longe lesson on a different horse--who might have a quieter seat. Know what it feels like to sit a trot on a horse with a quiet movement.

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